Learn Your Essay Type

You will have a better time with writing an essay when you understand the type you want to work with. Make sure you look carefully at how well you’re going to make this work so you will clearly understand what you are getting into when writing.

Essay Writing Tips: Defining Type of Your Essay

There are many kinds of essays that you can write today. The options for you to consider include many that are designed with very specific topics in mind. Let’s take a look at the types of essays that you can consider. These are all designed with various goals in mind and can make a world of difference if used carefully enough.


An expository paper is about explaining the facts associated with a topic of value to you. You will use this to explain to people about what makes a topic of value to you noteworthy. It may discuss points like the comparisons and contrasts to certain topics or what causes certain things. You may also talk about the effects of certain actions or events. The key about such a paper like this is to express the facts involved.

Such a great document will make a real difference in the viewpoints of anyone who reads it. The paper will help people understand more about a topic you have and how it is stands out in today’s world.


There might be times when you have to encourage people to meet with your particular opinions. Persuasive essays are ones that relate directly to the argument you have. Your goal in such writing is to get people to side with a certain viewpoint that you hold. When you are able to successfully convince someone, the document will have done what it was made to do. However, you must have enough evidence on your side to support whatever you want to discuss.

You can use as many points in your essay as desired to get the point across. The only real key is that you fully understand what makes your topic interesting and ideal to the reader. Make sure you watch for this to give yourself added control over your work at large.


In some cases you might have a need to discuss something of interest. A descriptive paper is one that focuses on what the subject matter is like. In this case, it may be about understanding what makes a person, a product or other entity what it is. Your research will involve a look at many factors like genetics, economics and other outlying forces.

Descriptive papers are often found in the medical field. These papers are used to describe some of the newest discoveries and reviews that people hold. This in turn makes it easier for the public to understand some kind of concept being introduced. The points listed in such concepts can be intriguing and deserve to be analyzed in detail.


The last type of essay is a narrative one. This is one that tells a story. It includes many details to create a vivid picture of whatever you want to talk about. Such an essay will be inviting to the reader as it involves many specific topics and points that you want to share.

A narrative document may especially be used if you want to express your opinions on something or why you feel that way. This gives you the freedom to be yourself and to talk about whatever you feel. It does help if you have enough evidence and detailed points to show more about why you feel this way but when done right, it should be easier for you to get the most out of whatever you want to discuss.

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