The Secret Of Creating A Strong 4-Page Narrative Essay

If you are working or studying in a research related field then at some point in your career you will be asked to compose a narrative essay. This type of writing will present your own thoughts and experiences about a topic but rather then telling the reader what conclusion they should draw from these points you will allow the reader to draw their own opinion of what you have written.

This is a different type of writing which will require your reader to better form their thoughts based on the information you provide and here are the secrets to doing this effectively.

Secret One – Write things clearly

The first step to allowing a reader to develop their own conclusion is to write things as clearly as possible. This means that you must state the facts and just the facts and avoid being ambiguous in what you are writing. To do this effectively, avoid using unclearly words or complex sentence structures that can be open to interpretation.

Secret Two – Avoid excessive wordiness

When you are composing a narrative essay it is important to provide details and facts about your experience but do not go overboard with your explanations. For example, people understand that in order to walk you must be upright and put one foot in front of the other so you do not need to tell them this in your writing. Only use relevant facts and information to make the writing more effective.

Secret Three – Be dynamic with your wording

The next step to getting the reader to develop an opinion is to use dynamic wording and avoid sounding clinical. For example, if you are discussing an auto accident with a fatality do not describe it as a photo of a deceased person, instead use the words gruesome fatality to get the point across more effectively.

Secret Four – Limit reference use

Finally, one additional secret to composing a strong narrative essay is to avoid using references within the work. References are using someone else’s words instead of your own which defeats the purpose of the narrative writing. Remember that the point of the narrative work is to describe your experiences and to make the reader understand what you experienced not quote someone else’s words so avoid using references in this type of writing to make the final product as effective as possible.

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