Methods To Use While Looking For An Extended Essay Example

An extended essay example provides the hints you require to craft your own. It helps you to construct such important sections as the topic, introduction, thesis statement, body and even the conclusion. An example will also assist you in getting the expected structure right and formatting the work appropriately.

Use of a wrong example leads to waste of time and resources. You will be required to repeat the work or get a lower score which affects your grade and career prospects. It is therefore important to use the right example. Here are tips to help you get a reliable example.

  • Review the Requirements
  • The example you get should resemble the paper you are expected to produce. The formatting style, language used, structure and other features should be similar. The only way to identify the right example is to understand the instructions given. Failure to understand these instructions means that you will choose the wrong example and compromise your work.

  • Ask From Your Teacher
  • Teachers have access to incredible resources based on their experience and exposure. They also have an obligation to support students with guidance on their academic work. This includes pointing at the right materials. Your teacher understands your abilities. The teacher also knows the resources available to assist you complete the task. A teacher can never mislead a student and will always provide the resources and assistance at no fee.

  • Go to the Library
  • Libraries exist to provide such resources and reference materials as essay examples. They offer an incredible variety of examples in different topics, writing and formatting styles. There are librarians to assist you secure the example you want.

  • Check From Your Previous Works
  • You must have written other papers in the past. Writing requirements like formatting, language, style, etc rarely change. Revisit your archives and get an example from there. Remember or review the comments made by your teacher at the time. Make corrections on the new paper you will be expected to write.

  • Go Online
  • The internet provides a convenient and affordable source of academic materials. These materials include samples of papers on different disciplines and topics. They can be downloaded from any location and at any time. Some are available for free while others have to be purchased.

A good example of an extended essay will incredibly boost your work. It provides a reference point for the paper you are currently writing. Consult your teacher before using any example to ensure that it is right and of good quality.

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