Discuss A Special Attribute Or Accomplishment That Sets You Apart

I believe my greatest attribute is my mental strength. Any time that I have been faced with hardship or lacked motivation, my mental toughness has pushed me through it. My mental strength is my greatest attribute because it helps me survive during times of hardship, keep a positive attitude, and succeed even when I don’t think I can handle the task set in front of me.

There have been many challenging situations in life, both in my childhood and as an adult. I have a job, but do not always get the hours to pay my bills. Instead of panicking when my check is shorter than I thought it would be, I take a few short breaths and think about what to do. Panicking over a situation does little to find a solution and makes what you are dealing with that much worth. My mental toughness allows me to calm my instinct to panic and find the closest thing I can to a solution.

Keeping a positive attitude is something else that can benefit you as tough situations arise in life. Some people can remain positive until something devastating happens, like the death of a loved one. With my positivity comes acceptance. For example, my stepmother passed away after a few years of cancer treatment. She was in a lot of pain and the treatments weren’t working and watching her dwindle away was one of the most heart-wrenching things I have ever done. I can’t lie- I was incredibly upset when she passed away. I attended her funeral and then continued my life, forcing myself to go to school and do my chores and homework. I accepted her death, because there was nothing that could bring her back and being angry or distraught over it was pointless. I still cried sometimes, but I did not let it control my whole life. I also realized that at least now, she was no longer in pain.

Finally, my mental strength has helped me by keeping me on track with my goals and allowing me to push myself to succeed. I have dealt with depression most of my life, which makes it hard to find the motivation. I use my mental toughness to overcome the depression, whether I just feel incapable of the task at hand or am overwhelmed by my current responsibilities in life. I have realized that life does not stop moving because you don’t have the motivation to do things. It is important to tend to your responsibilities and then do something that helps you relax. Succeeding in life does not always happen because of your circumstances- it happens because of your attitude.

Mental toughness is an attribute that has helped me survive through the tough times of life, keep a positive attitude, and continue to push myself to succeed. I believe it is a quality that all individuals should possess because when life gets rough, mental strength can help you overcome any of the obstacles that are thrown at you.

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