Your Achievements and How They Relate to Your Field of Study

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For many people, achievements offer a sense of pride and accomplishment in hard work. They can also push people to succeed further by providing an incentive to continue striving for greatness. I have had several achievements in my life, though some have stood out more than the rest. My President’s Award, high standardized testing scores, and published writing will all help me as I continue my educational path to marketing and creative writing degrees.

When I was in 6th grade, I received the President’s Educational Excellence Award. Aside from earning honor roll all through elementary school and 6th grade, this was the first award that acknowledged my success in school. Because it was a national level and not from the school, I felt a sense of pride. This relates to my field of study because it shows that I am capable of learning. My long-term goal is to have my own writing company. I think this is achievable because this award showed me that I could do something great.

My SAT and OGT (Ohio Graduation Test) scores were also incredible boosts for my academic confidence. I never believed that I was as intelligent as everyone thought I was. I am talking about my SAT first because I took it first- one of my teacher’s recommended that I try it out once I finished 8th grade. I studied for hours and my parents paid the fee for me to take the test. When my scores came back, I was shocked. I had scored in the 85th percentile compared to everyone else taking the test in my district- including the high school seniors. My OGT test also came back with great scores. There are 5 parts of the test and I scored Accelerated (the second highest rating) on History and Advanced (the highest rating) on all the other tests. My guidance counselor told me my math score was the highest they had seen in years. Once my academic confidence was boosted, I strived for excellence through the rest of my high school career and plan to continue to as I excel in the writing world.

My final achievement was having some of my writing published. My first published writing was a poem that was published when I was 14. Since, I have had two self-help books, two self-published poetry books, and a handful of creative writing books published. I also started my own blog where I post about writing techniques and information. This is important because it showed me that I do have writing talent. It showed me that other people would read my work- I just had to find the right outlet to showcase it. In a way, this was probably one of the first events that spurred me to a writing career.

Receiving a President’s Award, excelling at the OGT and SAT, and credit for my writing through it being published are great markers of my success. Being recognized for your accomplishments is a great feeling and it often drives students to achieve more. I think regular recognition is important; schools should build-up their students for success.

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